Accumulator Testing

Pressure accumulators are covered by the Pressure Vessel Regulation and must be regularly checked for safety in accordance with Section 14(2) / Section 15(2) of the Operational Safety Regulation.

We check your pressure accumulator.

Due to the new Pressure Equipment Directive and the Occupational Safety Regulation (BetrSichV), you, as the operator, are responsible for the recurring testing of the pressure accumulators.

Here we can support you and take over the testing and the documentation.


  • Installation plans and/or image documentation of the pressure accumulators
  • Classification of accumulators by hazard potential
  • Repair of bubble- or piston accumulators
  • Monitoring / setting of the pre-tensioning pressure
  • Creation of individual test plans
  • Execution of recurring tests by "qualified persons"
  • Documentation of the tests

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